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Airport Terminal Management

Airport service provider at LAX. Supporting airlines and travelers with baggage service, wheelchair service, passenger service, and more.

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Optimizing The Airline’s & Traveler’s Experience


As a full-service airport management company, our mission is to ensure travelers get to their destinations safely and securely while assisting airlines with cargo and security.

Interline Baggage Services

Baggage handling technology has become more and more sophisticated over the years. Short connection times means that bags must be handled quickly and efficiently.

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Wheelchair Services

As the primary service provider at the Los Angeles International Airport–the busiest on the west coast–ATM has a proven track record of handling high volume wheelchair.

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Passenger Service

Our priority is always the passenger’s safety and security. Our clients trust us to take excellent care of their passengers, from their departure to their arrival.

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Passenger Security

Our aim is to provide our airport travelers the peace of mind with passenger security services throughout LAX. We understand how vital security and safety is to all traveler.

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